Take time to build your brand

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It is only natural to look for the golden bullet. The short cut to instant success.

Whether it’s the easy way to lose weight, or gain more hair, or make lots of money, it’s only human to believe in such unlikely promises.

But the reality is that unless you are offering something so amazing that everyone just has to have it (product or service) then you can’t skip the basics: understanding your audience, developing the right message, delivering it consistently across the most effective channel… and being patient! It’s tempting to abandon a campaign because it didn’t immediately catch fire.

So sorry to disappoint you.

Strong brands are created and built over time. They develop promises that resonate with the audience and, by meeting or even exceeding them, deliver a brand that people trust and talk about.

Design has a really important role to play in the process; good design can elevate your brand and give it a real advantage. I recently came across a great example.

I bought a pair of Mahabis slippers (http://mahabis.com). It’s my age I guess. But these are slippers with attitude! Beautifully designed, very comfy, stylish and warm (i.e. form and function). They are novel in that they come with an outer sole that clips on in case you need to pop outside to the car but don’t want to get your slippers dirty underfoot. That’s good, clever design right there. They arrived in a beautiful, white, tight fitting box that felt good to open, lined with monogrammed tissue paper. They have a cool logo and an engaging and user-friendly website. Everything about this brand has been thought through. And it delivers. Which is why they can charge £60 a pop.

My only criticism would be the line “The last pair you’ll ever buy”. I get that they mean “These Mahabis slippers are so great that we doubt that you’ll want to even consider any other brand in the future” but you could read it negatively!

However, it’s a solid start. Fab product, good branding, happy customer. Day made.

At InTouch we understand how to go about building a brand. We talk about making things easy for our clients because, as we say, easy is nice. This doesn’t mean that creating and marketing great brands is like falling off a log. It isn’t, it takes ideas and hard work. But our experience means that we can map out the route and guide you through the process.