Social media

Engage with customers and reap the rewards

We like to call social media soft public relations. Like PR, it is all about delivering key brand messages to your audience. But unlike traditional PR, it is a platform that gives you instant engagement with a live audience and instant real time reaction. That’s a powerful thing. And given the popularity of mobile use, and the stats on how often users view social media sites on their mobile during the course of a day, an incredible opportunity to shape the life story of your brand.

Like all communication, it needs to have a purpose, even if that purpose is purely to entertain. Social media is an invaluable opportunity to launch new products, test new products, run competitions and delight the audience, extending your brand’s reach to new customers. In most cases it’s about getting a balance.

Messages need to be thought through with care and sensitivity to the brand’s values the same way any communication does.

And there’s an online etiquette that needs to be respected to achieve a successful social media strategy. And it does need a strategy. And creativity. The art of managing reputation and forging relationships follows the same principles whether on or offline.

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