Is there a short cut to success?

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Throughout my whole childhood, we only ever had two telephones.

Today, most people own a smartphone and change them regularly. I bet the average 25 year old has owned at least ten different handsets.

If we want to call someone then we can use our phones or laptops or pads via our mobile or VoIP accounts, or Skype, or Messenger, or Viber, or a host of other, er, hosts.

If we want to buy something, it’s the same story. The choice is endless.

The point is we live in dynamic times. Rapidly changing market conditions means that new channels to market seem to be opening up in a tsunami of choice.

Is disruption the new order? What are the short cuts to effective communication?

It leaves businesses with complex decisions when deciding what channels to harness, how to cut the cake and how to measure whether it was the right choice.

Unless you are incredibly lucky, we have some tough news. There are no short cuts. You can read as many business guru blogs as you like, for most of us success will boil down to some familiar things: hard work, persistence and a consistently applied approach.

Sure we all have to adapt to new environments, and it helps to have brilliant people around you, and to be open to new thinking and ideas, but in the 20 years since we opened the doors at InTouch, we haven’t found a more effective approach than:

Audience. Message. Media.

Identify your core audience. Develop the right creative messages to appeal to that audience. Select the right media channel to communicate those messages. Test and hone.

We still love this stat:

85% of all UK advertising goes unnoticed.

We’d really like to help change this fact; let’s get together and make some brave decisions!