Sales lead generation

Sales Lead Generation

Active Customer Development* marries together key aspects of the sales process and harnesses marketing to deliver maximum efficiency from your budget. Prospects and customers are guided through the journey from awareness through adoption to advocacy.

A sales lead is generally the first step in the adoption phase, a potential customer raising their hand and acknowledging that they may wish to do business with you.

For many sales teams these leads are their lifeblood: they see them as a challenge – the chase is on now for the close!

With extensive experience across many markets we can ensure these leads are generated efficiently and effectively and then nurtured with care.

Generating leads is all about knowing what levers to pull. Research helps to ensure the communication is relevant and motivating and creativity raises awareness, interest and desire. Active Customer Development* primary purpose is to generate high quality leads, nurture them through the purchasing process, and return them as brand advocates.

Rewarding activity such as accurate reporting, careful management and updating of the database will have a positive uplift on standards, performance and company culture.

Utilising the right tools at the right time, understanding the differences between B2B and B2C and how different tools can nurture customers or consumers from declaring an initial interest to advocacy. All part of a holistic approach, on which integrates activity to maximise budget effectiveness and return on investment.