Research improves targetting

You wouldn’t build a house without solid foundations.

Understanding who the audience is, what they currently know, and how they currently think and feel about your brand, products and services is critical to evolving effective communication plans.

All communication has a purpose and research allows us to ensure we are as objective as we can be about its purpose and about what will motivate the recipient to action.

Active Customer Development* is a journey. It takes the defined audience along a path, through awareness to adoption and finally to advocacy. An advocate of the brand is our ultimate goal.

Our research techniques are deployed to really get under the skin of the targets, utilising qual and quant where necessary, depth interviews with key decision makers, facilitating customer forums so that customers’ views can be heard and acted upon. From large scale face-to-face field-based studies, to telephone and e-based activity. Our experience is extensive and our analysis sharp and enlightening.

We believe in action-orientated research with real practical benefits.