Mobile web development

Mobile web development

You wake up, you check your mobile. If you’re not someone who does this on a daily basis, nor checks your mobile over 50 times a day, you’re now officially in the minority. 2015 is the year of the mobile. It’s the year that mobile devices became the most popular way of accessing the internet. So if your website is not designed and optimised to be user-friendly on a mobile device you might be missing out.

Our digital team understands the importance of designing for mobile as well as static web access. We have a holistic approach to marketing and recognise the importance and potential of mobile within an integrated campaign. Mobile goes beyond web to incorporate SMS and location based marketing, for example, harnessing technologies that can boost your outreach and ability to really engage with your customers.

So, when you wake up tomorrow, and you’re checking your mobile, check the performance of your own website. Does it do everything you’d like it to do? Or are you losing customers and the engagement war?

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