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The first three questions we ask any new client are:

  • Where has your brand come from?
  • Where is it going?
  • How is it going to get there?

These are fundamental to developing an effective marketing communications strategy. In most cases, question one is easy, question two a little harder and question three is a real brain ache! Aren’t we the ones to tell you how to get there?

In part the answer is ‘yes, of course’ but understanding your ambitions and expectations is vital.

With the multitude of channels and opportunities marketing is more sophisticated than it has ever been. Deciding which will be most effective for your brand, products and services is not always obvious. In an ideal world, communicating your message across a careful selection of integrated channels will reach a much wider audience, but obviously budget has a significant impact on how wide you can go.

We can and have worked in many ways: as the sole marketing agency for smaller clients where we will get involved in all communications, as well as providing tactical support for larger clients who have a specific, often urgent, need.

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