Easy is nice

Easy is nice. Making things easier for you

We’re launching a new idea. It’s a new promise to our customers. It’s all about making things easier for them. Because if things are easier to do then it means more time for everyone. And I hope you’ll agree that time is one of the most precious commodities in any business.

So what’s the big idea?

Well like all good concepts it’s pretty simple. Many client agency relationships, like other relationships, break down through poor communication and lack of understanding.

The idea behind ‘easy is nice’ is that we cut to the chase.

Our aim is clear: we provide an objective analysis of your communication issues, develop the right approach and implement effective solutions. Effective solutions are usually the ones that get noticed, that resonate with an audience.

It’s a fact that 85% of all UK advertising goes unnoticed. Why is that?

The biggest culprit is blandness. You might believe that safe ideas won’t lose anyone their job. But safe ideas tend to get overlooked. They don’t resonate with the audience because they don’t generate an emotional response. It’s emotions that create desire for a product or service. For a consumer product the emotion could be that it makes us feel good, for a business service it could be that it makes us feel reassured. But essentially we need to have a strong feeling about something to be interested in it.

So, now you know why lots of communication is wasted, are you prepared to make sure this doesn’t happen to your brand?

Easy is nice is our philosophy for ensuring it doesn’t. It’s all about using our experience get your message across effectively. Experience honed over twenty years of working with brands of all shapes and budgets of all sizes.

We set out a clear pathway for your marketing communications, explaining each stage and each process. We evaluate your market and your audience, develop the right messages and then deliver them through the most effective media mix. We can do this because we have a blend of talented people with skills across a wide range of disciplines.

In short, easy is nice is about caring. Caring about getting results for our clients, caring about our work too. To do this best we ask to work in partnership. Partnership ensures we get to the DNA of your purpose and help deliver messages that are clear, differentiating and motivating to the target audience.

Ideas to help add value to your marketing plans

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