Direct marketing

Direct marketing that people like

At the very least, it should be two things: entertaining and memorable. If it isn’t, you’re definitely wasting your time and money.

At InTouch we think of all communication as part of a bigger picture. A successful brand touches its audience on many different levels. Each piece of information builds on the last, adding colour and perspective. So, as with all good relationships, your communication should be a courtship and a dialogue, not a monologue.

There is a huge amount of noise out there, so keeping the message simple is key to getting heard above all the kerfuffle. Too much information and you’ll lose them, so relevance is essential. Creativity is vital too. It’s the spark that fires the imagination and ignites the response in an audience. With direct marketing, being creative could mean an alternative segmentation, a unique strategy, a great design, interesting packaging, something 3-D, or a funny movie. It will increase your response rate as well as make the audience more amenable to find out more. We call it a ‘small smile’.

As another key component of our Active Customer Development* tool, we create impactful direct comms that are relevant and get noticed. Or as we like to say, results ‘R’ us.