Brochure design

Print still has the power to sell.

In a world addicted to digital communications a printed brochure is still has a valuable place in your marketing communications line up. It can create an impact that is very different to an email, for example, and in many circumstances is a much more user-friendly experience for your audience.

Print has a very natural and human feel. You can hold it in your hands, flick through the pages, stop when something catches your interest. The size and weight of a publication becomes part of the message, and the vast choice of paper stocks, printing technology and finishes available, are all opportunities to differentiate and communicate essential qualities about your brand.

Printing on paper is no longer considered bad for the environment. All the top paper manufacturers have invested heavily in developing the highest standards of sustainable paper production. More trees are planted in Europe than harvested for paper. We also work with a range of printers with extremely high environmental standards, such as Waterless print production.

You can share a book with others easily, you can pass it around or leave it on a coffee table. You can make it any shape or size; huge for major impact, small and delicate. It all depends on your brand message. Added to all of that research shows online purchases are enhanced by printed catalogues there is no substitute to turning pages!

At InTouch print design and production is still very much alive.