Brand development

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Creating memorable brands

Brands define our lifestyles. Unless we live self-sufficiency in a mud hut we are all advocates of one brand or another, like it or not! So, creating a memorable and sustainable brand is probably the holy grail for many businesses. Our process Active Customer Development* will help you to launch new brands and enable you to find the right market for your existing brands.

InTouch have extensive experience of managing brands, from tone of voice to physical application, as well as developing modern new brands, from concept, to blueprint to a living and breathing entity. We understand the DNA of brands and how they can infiltrate and influence a customer’s purchasing decision, and we can creatively develop and deliver its key messages through any media, including email, sms, and social media networks, as well as conventional media such as advertising, direct mail and web based.

Creating and sustaining strong brands requires inspired thought, innovation and focus. It needs agility and often bravery. In a world awash with choice, InTouch and Active Customer Development* can help your brand shine brighter than the rest.