Can we smack you in the eye?

Advertising plays a crucial role in building strong and successful brands. The most effective use of advertising is as part of an integrated campaign spanning media channels, both on and off line.

Creativity has a critical role to play. The ad must reflect the values of your brand and it must have the ability to stop people in their tracks and say “Wow”. There has to be some response, even if it’s only “I’ll come back to that later”. There’s so much noise out there, your message needs to be simple and focused. Not surprising that the most effective ads rely heavily on the impact of the visual element as well as the tiny details.

By being media neutral, InTouch and Active Customer Development* will develop the most cost-effective way to maximise your sales and marketing budget. Advertising should never be an automatic choice, but used strategically as part of a well planned, integrated campaign. Horses for courses.

InTouch has experience in all advertising media, above and below the line including press, outdoor, TV and web, in B2B and B2C environments.