Active Customer Development

Active Customer Development™ is all about finding your business customers for keeps

We believe that integrating the effort of both the sales and marketing functions within a business is the key to developing strong and resilient brands, harmonising your personnel, energising your sales potential and turning your customers on.

We have used our experience to develop a powerful blueprint for sustainable business growth, called Active Customer Development™.

It will help you to:

  • Identify and understand your most receptive target audience
  • Grow and add value to your customer database
  • Develop higher quality sales leads
  • Engage and communicate more effectively with your audience
  • Drive efficient use of your budget
  • Minimise wastage and maximise returns

By ensuring that the audience perspective remains in focus at all times, Active Customer Development™ will create a sustained and manageable lead flow.

It will take the audience on the journey from awareness to advocacy, build your brand and maximise return on investment, results guaranteed.

“By asking left-brainers and right-brainers to work as a team, you bridge the gap between logic and magic.” – Marty Neumeier, The Brand Gap

What is it?

Active Customer Development™ is:

  • The marriage of the sales process and marketing communications activity…
  • To maximise return from customers, and efficiency from the sales and marketing processes…
  • And to drive long term customer profitability.

SALES + MARKETING =  Efficiency & Profitability

The marriage of two core processes

We can align each stage in the sales process to one in the communication process.


The right tools for the right job

There are always exceptions but the communication tool kit should also be aligned to the sales process to maximise efficiency.


The journey from Suspects to Advocates

Taking Suspects through to Trial and ultimately to Advocacy is a journey.

We begin by asking 3 key questions:

1. Who do we want to talk to?

Audience. The sort of people we think will be interested.

2. What do they want to hear?

Message. The key messages we think will interest them.

3. How do they want to hear it?

Media. The best way to get the message through.

Once we have answered questions 1-3 we can begin the communication phase.

To ensure we’ve answered the questions correctly, we must make sure we ask question 4:

4. Did they hear it?

Measure. Enhance and replay the message.


Filling the data pool

As we gather Suspects, we need to guide them into our communication programme.

By utilising marketing communication tools and techniques in an integrated way we can improve sales process effectiveness and build our customer database pool.